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AfTER BEFORE No One Likes an Empty Establishment

Great Staff is what separates the Great Places from the Good ones
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Click to learn how increases revenues while reducing your risks
AfTER BEFORE No One Likes an Empty Establishment

Great Staff is what separates the Great Places from the Good ones
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Employer Services

Our goal is simple. Marrying the best companies and venues to the best talent in the VIP Hospitality/Service business. Using tools and profiles that specifically capture the most important information, we reduce the “expenses” typical of the process.

By having access to the full picture of each candidate (along with reviews and social media connectivity); you can reduce your candidate pool while focusing on top rated talent. This reduces manpower expenses while limiting your interviews to only those with a higher probability for employment.

Everything in One Place

Save Time

Candidate Images & Video; Direct Links to Social Media; Ratings and more reduce the time and money you spend assessing clients across multiple sites and sources.

The World is Watching

Keep Risks Low

Scrutiny of hiring practices and interactions is at an all time high.  Pre-qualify candidates to increase the likelihood that your interviews and hires  are top notch and trouble free.

Knowledge and Data is power

Use Best Practices

Our industry news and data summaries make it easy to stay consistent with your peers and be ahead of industry trends.  We help ensure you are always advancing your business toward the future.

Service Hospitality Employer Challenges
Service Hospitality Employer Services

Start Finding Top Talent Fast!

Explore our Employer Tools

We provide full services and resources to highlight your business and assist in its growth.  We provide direct access to top job candidates with the information you need to stay focused, on time and under budget.

Industry Focused

We are focused exclusively on the VIP Hospitality/Service Industry

Intuitive Dashboard

Post Jobs, search for Candidates and manage your image in one easy interface​

Keep Informed

Our industry newsletter and blog bring you the latest news that impacts your business​

Look Your Best

Our Company Profile ensure your company stands out to prospective employees.

Top Candidates

We focus on bringing you the best talent in the business and the info you need to hire!

Low Risk/Costs

Our data and reviews reduce the expense and risk of hiring the right candidate for the job​

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Most importantly, it is our dedication specifically to the VIP Hospiatlity/Service industry. 
We selectively work with the best in the business to bring you the latest news and information. 

Our interface is specific as well. Candidate and Employer profiles are specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry by giving more information than available on other job sites. There’s no need to spend valuable time and money cross referencing other reviews, sites, and social media profiles. You can do it all from right here. 

Registering allows you to define yourself as an Employer.  You then can complete a Company Profile featuring all the information you want to look your very best to prospective job seekers. 

You then can begin posting Jobs and browsing Candidates to fill your open positions.  You can customize and utilize your dashboard.  Access our Blog, Store and more.

Employers can create a Company Profile.  This profile allows you to define your company by:  Uploading your logo and images; Creating copy to highlight the benefits of working for you; Post jobs; Browse, bookmark,  and contact candidates; Track the progress of filling each job with notes, ratings, etc.

Candidates can create a Candidate Profile.  Their profile features head shots; gallery & videos; Experience & Education;  References; etc. Candidates can search for the jobs; you post and get notified of new jobs meeting their criteria; They can bookmark their favorites; apply to Jobs and contact potential Employers.

Registering and creating a Company Profile is completely free and easy. This allows you to browse candidates and leverage our resources. Many options are available to post jobs or make contact through our site. Most choose a package that best suits their job filling needs. These packages range from limited to complete contact options. Packages also can be subscribed to so that any unused benefits roll over to the next month. Check out the rest our site for more information.

Absolutely!  We are always looking for the insights of the companies we do business with.  We find you to be rich in useful information and want to help you to share important information about your business and benefit from the information provided by your peers.  We will often post requests for specific content contributors via our site and social media.  But always feel free to reach out with ideas for new important news & topics.

We are also looking for companies and individuals to regularly contribute accurate and current news.  Incentives are available for those interested.  Reach out to us for more information!

Yes.  We can assist in configuring your employees to have various capabilities associated to your business.  Administrators can manage company profiles and users while Human Resources and Influencers can post jobs and content, respectively.

You sure can.  We have tools to assist in importing jobs from other job sites you currently use.  This is easy and helps save a lot of time when first starting out with our services.

Once you register and create a profile, simply reach out and we can provide direct guidance and assistance on retrieving your existing jobs and adding even more beneficial information when posting them to our site.  This will save you valuable time and resources!

Featured status allows Jobs to be highlighted in various ways.  On our site, Featured status provides optimal placement in search results; a chance of being featured on the home page; Highlighting in our social media campaigns/posts and newsletters.

There are several ways to obtain featured status.  These include periodic  subscription incentives; participation in industry news posts; referrals; and most importantly: Likes & Ratings.  There are several ways to increase Likes and Ratings.  Mainly:  Be a courteous and productive member of our industry community and encourage your employees, customers and colleagues to sign in to review and like your company.

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